A walk on the beach

Theres not a cloud in the sky. The sun is shining but dropping fast as the last hour and half of the day slip away. The wind is howling, blowing from the North whipping the sand into a fine mist of grit covering the first foot of space above the beach. It is another typical day at the Oregon Coast.

I wish I were heading against the wind so I would have to face the blowing on my return. it is easier to face it first and have it help return me to the pick-up at the end of the day. Still, I head South. That is where I hope to find another chance at photographing a Snowy Plover. It wide open beach with a grassy foredune. I deal Plover habitat.

Heerman's flying close to the ground










What I found was a suprise to me. I did locate a couple Plover though not cooperative ones. I also came on to a nice flock of about 20 Semi-palmated Plover, numerous Sandpipers, a couple rather interesting Gulls (so far unidentified) and a few Heerman’s Gulls. I was amazed at the variety present is such an environment. Migration is definately underway.

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