cooperative subjects

Some subjects are challenging. We have found plovers, for example, to be very difficult to work with. They are skittish and move very fast. Getting close enough to obtain an image that is worth keeping is very difficult indeed.

Other subjects, however, are, perhaps, overly accomodating. We have recently had a few Brown Pelicans return into the area. They are young birds and have discovered that sitting near the crabbing dock they can get a meal relatively easy. These birds will walk down the dock within a few feet of the people crabing and join the gulls in trying to mooch a meal.

While the surrounding environment does not provide for a good back ground, the relative tameness of the birds give rise to other opportunities. By moving in close and using long lenses we are able to “crop out” the distracting background and obtain some very interesting images. How often does one get the opportunity to use extension tubes when photographing birds? It is a rare opportunity and has been true fun to try.

a birds eye view.

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