Looking down

Wind carved sand and rocks - Canon 50D 100-400mm lens @ 150mm F11 1/60th Second

The last few weeks have been rather bleak and dismal. Rain has been the dominant feature of our day. So, when I woke to sun last Monday, I had to go out. I grabbed my 50D and EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS Lens and headed to see what was happening with the Snowy Plover.

After crossing China Creek I walked south on the beach. I had only traveled a couple hundred yards when I came upon a pair of Plover and set to work creating some images. After 15 minutes with this pair they grew weary of me and ran down the beach. I followed but not far before I suddenly became aware that my wedding ring was missing so I gave up on the birds and began tracing my foot steps back and forth along the beach. Nothing. My best hope was that it had fallen off near home and, though my mind knew that it would make no difference when I checked that area, my gut was telling me to go home and look.

I made one last retracing of my steps looking straight down the entire time. While I found no ring, I saw the sand from a different perspective than I had all morning and began to notice some wonderful wind carved patterns. I took the time to create a couple images and then left to continue my search.

Back at home I found that my ring had come off during the night. It was in my bed. I should have listened to my mind and continued to photograph. Still, I came away with a few good images and inspiration for more.

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