Snappy Opportunity

It often takes me a little longer than most to get from one point to another. I see far to many things along the road that I want to stop and photograph. So, it was no suprise to anyone to see me pulled off along Highway 36 as I was hauling furniture from Beaverton to Bandon. As I was driving along, I noticed the creek bed had rocks with nice round holes. The appearance was facinating and I had to stop.

I selected my location and began to set up my tripod and change to a wide angle lens. While getting set up a bright red crawfish crawled out of the stream and moved towards me. His mistake! I could not resist. I caught the crawfish and moved him further in to where he could not get away and then added a macro tube to my set up and began photographing.

It took quite a while to get the crawfish to raise his pinchers while I had him within the narrow band of focus. I focused and he lowered his pinchers. I moved and he raised his pinchers. I refocused and he lowered his pinchers. Back and forth we went until eventually I made the image I was looking for. After thanks I returned the little fellow to the stream.

The image of the stream bed was a bust. It lacked the interest I thought I saw. The crawfish…that image was a keeper.

worth stopping for

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  1. Expedita March 21, 2012 at 7:39 pm #

    cool post lol!!

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