Take what you can get

Some days it seems as though there is nothing to photograph. It may be that you have gone to the beach to shoot sunsets and the clouds roll in or, perhaps, you head out with the big lens in search of birds and none are around. I often observe and speak with people who have gone out with a specific goal in mind and left empty handed.

I can’t say that I always return home with a fabulous image. I can say that I keep walking and keep looking even when events seem to be conspiring against me. What I end up with is often something very different than I had ever imagined. The shot below, for example, is not a subject I had thought of or have ever seen. On that particular day, however, it is what caught my attention.

I had headed out looking for birds at a small slough North of town. There have been shorebirds visiting the area and often around this time of year I will see the Great Egrets and Great Blue Heron fishing in the slough. When I arrived, I found that there were no interesting birds, the sky was grey and the fog was thick. As I looked over the area for a possible landscape of fog in the trees I noticed this cobweb on a single barb of the fence. The fog had produced a wonderful dew.

I don’t know that I will ever print this image. I don’t know that it will sell. But, I like it and looking at it helps me to extend my thinking just a little further from what it had been. If I had stopped looking when my subject didn’t present I would have came home with nothing.

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